Creatures of the Midwest

A Vampire in Disguise

Book 1

A witch's mission to find her sister's killer leads to otherworldly dangers.

When Hazel Good's search for a murderer lands her in Shadow Hollow, she thinks the strangest thing there is herself. But this little midwestern town has been collecting supernatural creatures for centuries, and the arrival of one more could shatter the paranormal veil.

Cyrus doesn't plan to disclose he's a vampire. After all, vampires are supposed to be extinct. But when he enlists Hazel's help to solve a mystery—the same mystery she is trying to solve...but for a very different reason—his secret will put them both in danger.

Helping Cyrus could crack Hazel's case wide open, or could unleash a long dormant curse. Now, with the Last Vampire on Earth and the First Human-Born Witch both digging around in the Midwest's magical underbelly, it won't be long before an uncontrollable darkness is released. And this time, there will be no escape.

Fans of True Blood and Midnight, Texas will find their next fix in CREATURES OF THE MIDWEST, a thrilling, addicting paranormal drama.

Once Bitten Twice Turned

Book 2

Something dangerous is preying on Shadow Hollow, and even magic can't discover the truth.
Just when Hazel Goode finally solves her sister's untimely murder, another body turns up dead. Only this time, it's not a witch. It's a werewolf, and he's been mutilated beyond recognition.
A magic ritual shows the culprit murdering these people is actually dead itself, and Hazel feels an obligation to take care of the supernatural goings on in Shadow Hollow. The SHPD can't be trusted, and the Gallatin Co Sheriff's Office isn't equipped for supernatural crime. That leaves Hazel and her magic to do what she can...with the help of a sexy, but brooding, vampire.
As the murders escalate with no common MO, nobody is safe. And if Hazel can't figure out what "dead" thing is killing people, more people will die. But how is she supposed to save the day when her sister's ghost is telling her the only way to do so is to tap into dark and dangerous magic that goes against everything Hazel believes in?
CREATURES OF THE MIDWEST continues with Book Two: Once Bitten, Twice Turned, a small town urban fantasy murder mystery series that fans of True Blood and Midnight, Texas are finding utterly addicting.


Let Sleeping Vampires Lie

Book 3

Someone’s unleashed deadly magical creatures on Shadow Hollow, and this time, Hazel might not be able to stop the death toll.The late mayor’s super-vampire project should have died along with him, but now, new vampire-like creatures are cropping up…and killing the people of Hazel’s small mountain town.
With Corwin missing more often than not, Hazel’s left with only a hot werewolf and her dead sister’s ghost to help her. So she turns to the definitely-not-human librarian, who expects her to return the favor by paying an unnamed price he’s coming to collect in thirteen days…if her quest for the truth doesn’t kill her first.
The answers she seeks may be tied to the mysterious lake in the mountains, but only Hazel can see it, and when she finally traverses there in person, she finds something dark and deadly in the valley.
Something that might be connected to all the negative energy suffusing the town…or feeding it.
LET SLEEPING VAMPIRES LIE is the next novel in Creatures of the Midwest, a cozy paranormal mystery that fans of True Blood and Midnight, Texas are sure to devour!


Curiosity Killed the Vampire - book 4

Curiosity Killed the Vampire

Book 4